I can be reached via email jason@green.io, my twitter account is @jason_green_io.

I’ve been geeking out since I was 5. It started with a Radio Shack TRS-80 I plugged in to a small TV on channel 3. You had to transfer printed code to digital code to play Zaxxon. We used a tape player to cload Lunar Rover.

Then came a 386 I used to call up a handful of local BBSs at 2400bps to play Barren Realms Elite. I used the same machine to dial up the local university’s HPUX system that was connected to the net to play with gopher and the beginnings of the web.

My first ISP was iStar, we used Winsock and SLIP to connect at 14.4 kbaud/s. NCSA Mosaic was the bomb yo.

Then came a Digital 486, Doom, Quake I, my first ADSL connection.

My intro to Macs consisted of playing Bolo with Al on a IIsi and his dad’s Quadra. We also played with the Commodore a bit. Stay a while, stay … Forever Fun times.

My first Mac was a clamshell iBook SE, 466MHz. Got the first Airport base station with it. Also still have the original 5GB iPod, still works.

I’ve automated tv torrents to play on the Apple TV, done crazy things with bash scripts and found palprimes with Python. I’ve lets played Minecraft, setup servers in Docker, written tons of code to make vanilla Minecraft do things it can’t. I’ve made a Proxmox cluster with eBay Mac minis, connected my Pi Zero to the internet to control Hue lights, written a ePaper Python terminal emulator and usurped some space in Unicode to made QR codes look better.