October 3, 2004

ouff, about time eh?

For the viewers I have left, here is a new entry!

What I have been up to:

I’m still waiting for a call from the Canadaian Forces, I’m done my part of the application, (yup, did my push ups), now I get to play the waiting game! Yay! I moved.. I am now a trailer park” resident. I like the new place, far from downtown.. means I’ll most likely spend less cash on expensive bar beer. I’m pretty much a slob, I don’t do anything during the day, not enough cash to do anything.. I need to pay off the last bills, rent, movers.. then I’ll be comfortable. Mat bought Donkey Konga, don’t start playing, you wont be able to stop. When he’s at work, I steal it from his room and play for hours on end.

Other than that news.. that’s about it. I went hiking a couple times with a new friend, did most of the Coastal then a week later got lost” (we knew exactly where we were at all times, no really.. we did) around Hayward Pinnacle.. that was lots of fun! Got my first EI cheque.. putting the rest of my crap in storage today (meaning Monday).. it should have been out by the 30th.. but the damn moving company never returned my calls.. the landlord said it was okay.. no one is moving in yet.. but it still needs to be rushed. I hate moving.

I think I’ve fixed my commenting system, version 3.0 of movabletype allows for comment registration.. so if you want to post on here, you’ll have to take a minute or 2 and creat a typekey login.. it’ll work with any movabletype installations that use typekey. I noticed lately I started getting spam comments.. hence the lockdown.

If I forgot anything important in September.. let me know, my memory sucks.. that’s why I have this site thingy.

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