August 26, 2004

Will You Ever Win

Listening to Rhiannon, watched the Mets game tonight, was a good game till Moncton lost. Turns out Ned was doing titles, pretty damn cool. Tomorrow I’m going to 5 Islands in NS with the family, should be fun. Al moved out, I’m alone for September then I move in with Kingpat and M@t, that’s going to be a blast .. I’m not a gamer now, but living with Mat will surely convert me .. he’s hardcore.

I’ve been doing nothing these days, staying inside, watching TV. One day Ned and I played frisbee .. oh, and there was the Colt 45 party with Yves, that was fun .. and the Monoxides concert .. I think my hearing is forever depleted since that night.

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Home sweet Acadian Home I have returned, I’ll continue where I left off in the last post so you can see the progression on how I got back here. Hung out with Remi in
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ouff, about time eh? For the viewers I have left, here is a new entry! What I have been up to: I’m still waiting for a call from the Canadaian Forces, I’m done my part