April 5, 2000

Well! Where should I begin,

Well! Where should I begin, I just arrived from Cosmo.. the most happenin’ place in town on Wednesday. I said I’d party like it’s Wednesday April 5th 2000.. well I did.. and I also partied like it’s Thursday April 6th 2000. I saw alot of people I knew, Marc, Daniel (AJ), Andre Doiron.. and alot of them I talked to.. Claude, Remi, Dave, Roger, Janelle, Madeleine, Nancy. I had a ball! I was there with people from work.. when we left.. Julie’s car had moved.. no really.. someone picked it up and moved it against some white Neon. Luckily someone had a cell phone (Jolene I think her name was). An RCMP arrived and told us to do what we already had concluded.. pick the car up and move it away from the Neon.. ha! So we did. That’s as much as I want to tell at 2:40 in the morning. I’m sure I’ll add stuff later on today.

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One class left and I’m outta here. Leo is commin’ home with me, actually he’s my drive, and we’re gonna watch Star Wars Episode IV (4). I like
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Here is an intresting entry. I’m in the number 1 bus going to college. This text is brought to you by the Palm IIIe. It’s a bit awkward to write