April 6, 2000

Here is an intresting entry.

Here is an intresting entry. I’m in the number 1 bus going to college. This text is brought to you by the Palm IIIe. It’s a bit awkward to write with, it’s small and and has a very small keyboard. oh well. A guy who goes to college just got on. We’re on the move! Now departing Champlain mall, destinatlon: North West Center. ETA is 25 minutes. What are they building on the corner of Assomption and Main? Club Cosmopoliton - since 1974. Pita Pit! The big fan in the just turned on.. I don’t lik the big fan in the bus. Your store, your way - comming spring 2000, yay! I think i’m going to walk home today. Stop by United Book Exchange.. Well.. Haley’s Comics.. Well.. Mad City Comics. Two old males are talking about the west, wind chill and pensions. Monterey ranch chicken sandwich.. Mmm.. The love is back. Well I’m here.. Off to a computer with a real keyboard!

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Well! Where should I begin, I just arrived from Cosmo.. the most happenin’ place in town on Wednesday. I said I’d party like it’s Wednesday April
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I’m at Al’s place, and he suggested that I update Ma Brain from here to see what it looks like when.. I update from here. “Hey Bulldog” Al likes his