February 15, 2002

So I bought a new

So I bought a new clip for my phone today, and I’m watching my favorite TV show, The Screen Savers. They rock! I’m done switching over to the year 2002, Ma Brain I mean .. (the site). I have no idea what to write, like you haven’t read that before.. I just though of a funny line in an IBM commercial .. know which one I’m talking about? They stole all our servers!” .. and then .. Uh no, didn’t you get my email, we moved everything onto that one.” I’m such a little computer nerd. I got a promotion, my title is now Workload Manager.. though I’m not really management. Yay.

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I just finished a major overhaul of the main page. As you surely saw. It’ll get more pictures, real content, not just me typing stuff here
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Ma Brain is changing, in hopes of posting more often, I’m changing the format so that the whole month is on one page, that way I won’t have to