March 30, 2002

Ma Brain is changing, in

Ma Brain is changing, in hopes of posting more often, I’m changing the format so that the whole month is on one page, that way I won’t have to create extra files and alot of menus and links. It’ll suck if you want to read everything previous, but I’ll keep the file naming convention easy enough, I may even include some kind of index. I think I’ll reformat the whole thing, that would mean incorperating all the old day by day posts into monthly pages, it’s alot of work, but my patience with coding versus my will to actually getting stuff out there is coliding in a mediocre clash of non-important things.

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So I bought a new clip for my phone today, and I’m watching my favorite TV show, The Screen Savers. They rock! I’m done switching over to the year
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So I’m done updating 00 and 02, that would leave 01, which I can do today at work. 2 posts in one day, that’s pretty good. I’m listening to Kokomo