May 31, 2003

LIVE: From the laundry room

I’m in my building’s laundry room, connected to the internet throught my wireless Linksys router upstairs (4 floors). Quite amazing is reception I get down here.. I’m getting the same reception here as I got in my bedroom at This Old House”. The old house was made out of radiation absobing materials, so I never reaked the benifits of true wireless over the specified ranges that most wireless routers are advertised as providing. Did the grammar in that last sentence sense make?

Al C. and I started playing Enter the Matrix last night. Awesome stuff, I don’t care for the in game cut scenes, but the cinematics are phenomenal, like watching another Matrix movie.

Here is a site that I find interesting. Touchgraph, make sure you have a Java capable browser.

Welp, the washer took about 27 minutes to finish a load, now to time the dryer.

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ooooooowa oooooooowa, dude dude Guess what Eric, Al is updating! The wait is unbearable, I peed my pants. Today is my last day as a workload coordinator. I’m off to being a service
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