May 10, 2000

Lab, lab, lab. It’s the

Lab, lab, lab. It’s the lacation I’m presently able to be found at. I have an entry on my Palm, but you’ll only see it later on.. weird. It’ll be like I’m going in the past. I think I’ll put Palm entries in Italic so as to give the user (you) an idea that it may not have been inserted chronologically. Now that I have rechargeables… well.. if I go on I’d be repeating myself.. read up later on today. .. or.. forget this sentence if there’s something on top.. actually.. you would have read it alr… oh NEVERMIND!



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00:10 something i just _ 00:10 something i just noticed.. my last palm entry had a time that was not properly formatted. not good. i’m going to fix it.. by now you won’t
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00:00 continued from yesterday, _ 00:00 continued from yesterday, then i changed the posters for tomorrow, met michelle, basically on my way out. went home. oh, here’s an idea, i