May 11, 2000

00:00 continued from yesterday,

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continued from yesterday, then i changed the posters for tomorrow, met michelle, basically on my way out. went home. oh, here’s an idea, i an use my re light emmitting diode to light up my wycwhile i type in the dark. let me try it…awsome it works.. very well actually. now i’m not forced to use the power consuming backlight. if i take the bus tomorrow, i hope i have the car, i’ll surely write something. i can wait to go camping with this. i’ll be able to take logs and notes and stuff.. awesome. i must go for the windfish awaits, goodnight_


My friend Al is having problems with elevators. I think he pressed the wrong button, or doesn’t know how to operate one. Fireball whiskey, I can’t wait.


I have come to a conclusion, there are no pictures of Fireball Whiskey on the internet. After an extensive search, I could find no pictures. I guess I have no math class, that’s a good thing. An idiot in my class decided he steal a urinal saop thing an put it in class. Now it stinks, so no class.




I want one.

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Lab, lab, lab. It’s the lacation I’m presently able to be found at. I have an entry on my Palm, but you’ll only see it later on.. weird. It’ll be
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Lab, yup, that’s where I am. Working at 6, usher. Party tomorrow, can’t wait. Lotsa people I know, I’ll probally feel uncomfortable with HER being