April 20, 2000

Just paid my eedingspay icketay,

Just paid my eedingspay icketay, walked back.. got to the mall and met Gisele, she gave me a ride home! Woohoo!! I’m getting a throat ache, a sign of things to come. Dammit! My parental units aren’t home. I saw them go by on Main St. .. but they’re not here.. I bet they’re eating out somewhere. Dammit! I’m hungry, didn’t eat today, had to finish a mid term report I wasn’t going to hand in. Mmm.. flat Sprite.. AHH GROSSS!!! not good anymore.

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I am he as you “I am he as you are he as you are me and we are all together.” I’m guarding Louis’ CDRW, pretty cool thing, he’s got the IDE cable sticking out of
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I’m at Caro’s. I just finished fixing her computer, woohoo! Such a good feeling fixing a problem I have no idea how to fix :) I’m supposed to