November 16, 2003

It’s finally happened, happened

The NBTel tower has been renamed to the Aliant tower. It only makes sense since they replaced the NBTel logos with Aliant ones a few weeks ago.

Alot of people have been asking me what’s new these days?”, and all I can answer is absolutely nothing”. It’s true, there’s just no news these days. Of course.. even if ther’d be news, I usually answer nothing” to that question anyway.

I worked nights all weekend, next week is my short week, and I’m hoping to make plans”. I need to get off my ass, look passed my timidness and do something with her.

I watched The Elegant Universe”, a NOVA special that was on PBS a few weeks ago, I downloaded it thru one of my not so legal” websites.. but the show itself has been released for download by PBS, so there was nothing illegal about it. Let me just say the show rocked. Great basic overview of string theory.. or M theory. It flies in the face of everything I learned in high school, but it looks promising, almost makes me want to go back to university and study physics. Thank you Moose for mentioning the show, I never would have picked it out.

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