November 29, 2003

center of the universe

Holy crap.. I was bored tonight so I decide to go to Cosmo, like I usually do. Alone. Seems like Rev has a new flavor, called Red. So I have a few drinks, Keith’s (2 for one before 11), then I decide to dip into the Rev, the new one. So I’m standing there right. Waiting to get served.. the bartender comes up and asks what I want, I say, a Rev, the new one”. There’s a cute girl next to me, so I get chatting. The bartender passes me my drink, and the girl says, you’re drinking Rev?”, I say ya!”.. she says a guy should not drink Rev” and goes on explaining that she would never hook up with a guy who drinks Rev.. I’m .. kinda offended.. I say, there are laws in Canada that say that I can drink whatever I want” .. and she leaves. Bla bla bla.. I sit at their table (it’s hard to compress everyhting that happened in one little paragraph) and we go dancing.. last call is called, the music stops, and I get to find out who this girl is.. from Cocagne.. yes.. and she knows who Sebastien and all of them are.. this sets me back.. obviously.. and all I can think of is.. .. Cocagne REALLY is the center of the Universe.

The moral of the story is .. if you want your life to get exciting, quick, drink Rev.

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