November 8, 2003

A title, you will have problems finding, yeeesss

So I went to Cosmo tonight, alone for a while but then an angel called me and asked if she could join me.. before I go on I need to mention I was just listening to the theme to Encounters of the Third Kind .. back to the blog.. even though Anything But Ordinary by Avril is playing :) .. uhhh.. yeah.. the blog.. so I had a great time at Cosmo, I get back home and I download the first episode from the new animated series from Lucasfilm: Clone Wars .. drawn by the same people as Samurai Jack .. sorry for the people who think I’m linking these titles.. but I’m assuming you’re going to google these names.. so I’m not worried.. and if you don’t know what googling is.. you better log off and throw your computer out the window .. .. please.. no.. really. So the cartoon is AWESOME, see it if you’re a Star Wars fan. I had a little incident with champagne.. I was searching all over for a reason to open a bottle of champagne my cousin gave me.. I even went out of my and her way in contacting an ex” co-worker.. someone whom I could trust to have a reason for me celebrate.. and she came thru :) and then another reason appeared, but the champagne sucks.. too old or not chilled.. so I’ll keep to myself.. which I’m totally comfortable with :) Now I’m listening to Alan jackson.. entertainer of the year in the country category.. Mathieu Landry had his initials as part of his MSN name for a few days.. I remember asking him if he was still into country.. and he said he wasn’t inot that stuff anymore.. but he still had AJ mentioned in his name .. Moose is country to the bone.. even if he’s helping to design the latest in areospace engineering :)

Time for another paragraph.. and time for a Bois Joli quote: Dan’le fond tou’ce qui veut c’est boire, l’innocent du samedi soir” .. boys oh boys, time pour la section chiac de mon entry. Chepas quoi trop dire, j’ai deja dit pretty much ça j’avait a dire en anglais.. j’ai ajouter toute mes archives” a la fin de s’ta page icitte so que google le pick up pis que que everyone peuvent searcher every single post que j’ai fait.. c’est kinda cool, google est updater.. Lyne.. si tu search pour lynie guest entry” tu ouaira quosse j’veux dire. Wonbinshoubidou. E’j sort avec Monique demain soir pis j’ai right hâte. Ça va être right d’la fun. here is an alinéa …

So l’histoire de ma bouteille de champagne.. mon cousin Brian m’a donné ça coumme deux ans passés pour Noël .. ouff.. m’a donné quoi? ça .. complément apres, avoir s’accorde pas.. holy shit.. j’ai sorti mon Bescherelle pour sti la.. no joke.

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