May 12, 2004

ah mon djeu

I say that .. but it means nothing except excitement and surprise. It has nothing to do with any deity .. tho .. it kinda does. I saw Caro at Cosmo .. do you have any idea how significant that is?!!??! Any one who does .. knows me very well. Total surprise, she’s here during her break. Wow.. Ned .. we have a new stop .. it’s called Ottawa. No discussion, we’re stopping there no matter what.

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ploot Al, Ned and I drank our faces off last afternoon/night. Played video games, listened to some tunes. Lyne dropped by, I tried to fix Elliot, no go,
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6 (5) shifts left Gary’s got a blog! You can find it in in the side bar, on the top .. yes Ryan, he’s on the top. What’s new with me .. well, I bought