May 9, 2004


Al, Ned and I drank our faces off last afternoon/night. Played video games, listened to some tunes. Lyne dropped by, I tried to fix Elliot, no go, not sure if it’s the battery or the logic board, it seems to forget what time it is, could be the internal battery. Watched a South Park episode, a Smallville episode, Ned’s projects and parts of a Bruce Lee movie (the fighting scenes), then we ventured out to the complex”. Stayed there for a while then went to Doc’s for closing .. surprise surprise Doyle was there! We meant to call him earlier, but totally forgot. Hung out with him then went home .. sleep .. 4 hours later, woke up for work. Blah.

CF application is in the mail, waiting for it.

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picker revival I’m finally working on bringing back picker. Shouldn’t be too long now.
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ah mon djeu I say that .. but it means nothing except excitement and surprise. It has nothing to do with any deity .. tho .. it kinda does. I saw