May 18, 2004

6 (5) shifts left

Gary’s got a blog! You can find it in in the side bar, on the top .. yes Ryan, he’s on the top.

What’s new with me .. well, I bought shaving cream and shaved .. umm, I cleaned the kitchen .. what else. .. as you can see, nothing much new. Nothing to talk about anyway, yet. Got the CF application, it’s mostly filled out, I have to do some research on where I’ve been working and living; with addresses and postal codes and addresses, in the past 10 years.. it’ll take a few days, I’ve moved 5 times since 91.

I bought a new cell, it’s a T730, ditched the bluetooth/270c combo since the firmware Bell/Aliant has doesn’t enable the bluetooth module. If anyone wants it, or knows someone who does, let me know. It might work with Telus, not sure.

I’m hungry.

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ah mon djeu I say that .. but it means nothing except excitement and surprise. It has nothing to do with any deity .. tho .. it kinda does. I saw
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