May 10, 2000

00:10 something i just

_ 00:10

something i just noticed.. my last palm entry had a time that was not properly formatted. not good. i’m going to fix it.. by now you won’t see it anymore. again, just as last night, i’m waiting for my electric blanket to warm up. it is. i’m not capitalising my words because its too time consuming. i just got a warning, my batteries are going to die, so i turned the backlight off and turned on the lamp.. i mean the lamp on the table next to my bed. battery seems fine now. i looked for software that would allow me to update with mr. palm here, but i couldn’t find any. i may think of maybe learning how to program something for it, what an accomplishment that would be. i better go to bed now.. hehe, im in bed.. i better go to sleep now. wow, just now i ran out of power, i think it’s the backlight, it sucks power very badly. _


Lab, yup, that’s where I am. Working at 6, usher. Party tomorrow, can’t wait. Lotsa people I know, I’ll probally feel uncomfortable with HER being there, but I’m sure it’ll pass. I need to catch a bus. Bye.

_ 23:46

this is becoming a ritual. writing in bed. i find it easier here. i’m going to attempt to tell you all exactly what i did at work tonight. i got to crystal palace at around 17:35 with a bag of burger king food containing a large fry and a chicken sandwich, no cheese or bacon. i ate that and then put up the cinema checklists. i turned the lobby screen on. then i helped mitch with the deliveries. after that i selected posters i want and put them in a safe place. after that i did door. when people stopped comming in i put up all the new postrs we got: hollow man, rocky and bullwinkle, big mammas house, boys and girls and loser. then i went on break. came back from break, did checks, talked a bit to jeff. swept the main lobby. did door, saw stephanie. i shall contine tomorrow. _

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well, i got my palm to work, i can prove it.. i’m using it now in the comfort of my own bed. i love it. i’ll be updating like this alot more
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Lab, lab, lab. It’s the lacation I’m presently able to be found at. I have an entry on my Palm, but you’ll only see it later on.. weird. It’ll be