May 9, 2000

well, i got my

well, i got my palm to work, i can prove it.. i’m using it now in the comfort of my own bed. i love it. i’ll be updating like this alot more.. maybe even use the modem to update online while i’m on the road. the batteries are doing very well, i love knowing that i’ll always have power to give this little marvel of technology. my electric blanket is starting to warm up now, ahhhh now it’s getting cozy. áàäâåãæçñøýßîïìíêëèéóòöôõúùüû that was me testing the international keyboard. the battery indicator says i used half of my .. battery, thats intresting.. oh well, a small price to pay for renewable power

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I got the charger. I’m bored. DOn’t read this, you’ll only get bored too. If you are bored, you’ll get even more bored. At one point you’ll say to
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00:10 something i just _ 00:10 something i just noticed.. my last palm entry had a time that was not properly formatted. not good. i’m going to fix it.. by now you won’t