March 16, 2004

zero pour le matin que chu entrain de vivre

Gary didn’t coax me into anything, I brought it upon myself. 3 pitchers.. can you confirm that Gary? What a fun night though. Rik wasn’t there, so Colepaugh was on bass .. and sometimes on harmonica .. like on Norwegian Wood .. ya, das right. When Neil went on stage and got boring, we headed over to Paramount to see Steve LeBlanc, the guy kicks ass, simple as that. I saw Marc Dupuis, though I thought he was his brother.. they look so much alike. I was really drunk at the time, so he must think I’m a complete idiot.. .. but I wasn’t as drunk as I am now .. haha .. joke yink .. not.

I don’t remember how I got to the car, but I remember everything after dropping off Gary.. I remember getting out of the car and plopping down in a snowbank and staring at the sky.. an den.. puking in some parking lot.. an den.. (insert emotional breakdown description here).

There will be no next time Lynie. Without divulging too many details .. hah .. I can’t say anything actually .. ask me about it sometime. Oh and you had a coma and I had a strawberry shortcake .. mmmm.

Moe .. chepas la, Calgary is pretty far .. but it’s only for a short period of time, and it’s CALGARY, I mean .. CMON! (that means go for it)

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what a weekend Friday: Woke up to the sound of the buzzer around 18:00. Nic came by to start off our night of heavy drinking. So I got ready and off to Pump House
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vanilla brass I’m finally recuperated. Al actually had to fill me in on details over lunch today, I don’t think I was ever that drunk. I was prettyyy prettyyy