March 15, 2004

what a weekend


Woke up to the sound of the buzzer around 18:00. Nic came by to start off our night of heavy drinking. So I got ready and off to Pump House we go. Our first table was not boot worthy”, way too high. We settled for a normal table where we could drink our boots in comfort. We both ordered a boot. Both blueberry, his had blueberries, mine did not. They’re not allowed to give 2 boots to one table, because they only have 2 boots. We both got a boot, without getting 2 separate tables. ~2 hours later, we have a VERY good buzz. We headed over to my place to settle down a bit; watched the latest Survivor. On to .. another bar to drink .. we diecided on VooDoo. Get there, pretty much dead, but people slowly showed up. We had a few martinis and a few other drinks. (I lost count after a while). Monique joined us later on, yay, I had a dancing partner. After VooDoo we went on to Big Stop. I ordered a Day’n’Ross, but barely ate it. Got back, stayed up, don’t remember what I did. Slept on and off till 19:30.


Woke up, ate the Day’n’Ross. Went back to bed. Woke up, drank water, went back to bed. This went a a few more times. Finally got out of bed around 20:00, got ready to go to O2 .. on a mission. Mission failed. Had a shot with Lynie, the high point of the night :) Went home early, got Smart Pizza. Went to bed at 3:00.


Pretty much slept thru Sunday. Woke up here and there and watched TV shows I downloaded. Sunday was lethargic day”.


Woke up at 1:00. At work, the coffee I had with breakfast at Jean’s with Al is wearing off, I’m going to need a Tim’s soon. Plan for tonight is Doc’s with Gary and Al. I’m going to be tired, high on caffeine .. the alcohol is going to have quite an effect. I just hope Gary doesn’t coax me into getting the same number of pitchers as the last time we went to Doc’s. Ouff. Btw, this post has comments enabled. Post away. Not all the templates are updated, so stuff might not look very nice. I’m working on it.

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mmmmm, boooooot Tomorrow night Nic and I are going out drinking. He says he’ll be starting off with a boot, looks like I’m going to have to do the same. Blueberry,
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zero pour le matin que chu entrain de vivre Gary didn’t coax me into anything, I brought it upon myself. 3 pitchers.. can you confirm that Gary? What a fun night though. Rik wasn’t there, so