February 28, 2004

you’re toxic, I’m slipping under

Disclaimer: the thoughts expressed in this entry reflect a warped, inhebriated view of the world at the time

Well well well.. j’ai eu d’la fun d’souaire. It was Monique and I’s night out. We went to the Four Ice Center to go skating, damn new skates really hurt my feet! It got bertter with time. We then headed to my place and drank and watched a few episodeds of That 70s Show. Next stop, Oxygen. I danced like I never danced before. For the first time, I’m going to get personal here.. big leap. I saw people I always see at the bars, and I was able to stick it to them. Kristin and Beth. Last time I saw them, they kinda blew me off, cool people and all, but I find them a bit snobby sometimes. Anywho, they were there in the lobby” between Paramount and Oxygen.. I said my hello’s and left.. didn’t stick around to talk, just left. It felt kinda good.. damn, Kristin still has my Run Lola Run.

Before gong to Oxygen, Al let me know that Isabelle and Kristy were actually there.. wow .. quite a coincidence. I saw them on the dance floor while dancing with Monique, but I avoided them, Al says they went out to get away from boys.. so I’d didn’t want to ruin that by going up and chatting it up. Eventually I caved and decided I wanted to go talk to Kristy, so I proceed to go upstairs .. before I even start up the stairs I see Isabelle, she’s leaving, so I go over and ask her what’s going on, she’s leaving, wants to go see Al at my place, I tell it’s all good, and I ask her where Krsity is, she’s still there with friends.. alright.. that calms me down a bit and I vow to Monique to go over to Paramount and dance the rest of the night away.. .. time passes, I’m on the floor with Monique at Paramount, breaking out my cool ass moves (pffft) .. tap on the shoulder, it’s Kristy, wtf. Something like hi just wanted to say hi” .. not too sure what she’s thinking with me dancing with Monique (she has no idea who Monique is). I say something like hi, okay, ben s’ouaira plus tard” .. wow, I have no idea what to think.. so I put it out of my mind and enjoyed the rest of the night. Isabelle is here right now sleeping, Al is working at 10:00, so I imagine I won’t get to talk to her. The one thing that I can’t get out of my mind is.. how did she know where to find me.. she might have told me when she tapped my shoulder, but I didn’t hear.. chu toute confused. All in all, it was a very fun night!

Disclaimer: the thoughts expressed in this entry reflect a warped, inhebriated view of the world at the time

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