April 10, 2000

What an uneventful day. Geez,

What an uneventful day. Geez, I’m not even sure I have enough content to actually get an entry in here. I decided I’m goin to finish my ssss-eeee-vvvvv-eeee-nnnnn-th (7) mix tape tonight. I think I’m also going to start saving money to buy my iMac. Oh, and I’m planning a trip to the moon. I just remembered, tomorrow, Taillon (Universite de Moncton’s main administration building) has it’s observatory open to the public. I’m going. Well, I have my mix done.. now to tape.

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Mix tape, done.
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WOOHOO!! That was fun.. we just had a freak hail/snow storm with 100 Km/h winds. I went for a walk outside. (me being the extreme weather