June 16, 2000

Wednesday was my last day

Wednesday was my last day of college, I had an operating systems exam then a computer repair exam, the two easiest courses I had this term. Later on in the day Leo and I went up to Memramcook to drink and play Perfect Dark chez Joe. We then proceeded to go to Cosmo and have the most fun I’ve had at Cosmo in a long time. Thursday Nicole and I went out to look for the elusive new Rancid CD at pawn shops. I ate mini pizzas and syrosoup, then headed up to Memramcook to jam with Al and Alexis. That was fun! Now it’s friday, and not a plan in sight. I’m sure I’ll find something.

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I may as well update. Everyone else did today. Now I fit in. Usually I update and no one else does. PrimaryVisualCortexStimulationOfTheDay Money
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I woke up approximatly 10 minutes ago. Why haven’t I updated in such a long while you ask? What have been upto? What would make me ignore my fans