January 19, 2003

top 10

Since I got rid of my main page:

Top Ten Favorite Things

  1. Universe

  2. the Internet

  3. AgentSmith, my iBook 700 with OS X 10.2

  4. my cell phone

  5. my Tilley Hat

  6. my The Matrix” hat

  7. a Combo no. 7, chz bac, poutine fries @ BK

  8. Dr. Pepper

  9. my Swiss Army cybertool

You know what sounds really good right now.. lumberjack breakfast at Doc’s. I think that’s where I’ll be headed after work, or maybe Big Stop.

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freaky day off Didn’t go to Doc’s, I think they were closed.. didn’t go to Big Stop either, didn’t want to drive. Instead I went home and made grill cheeses. So
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domo arigato Mr. Roboto w00t w00t, just finished playing Contra.. it was a good 4 hour block, we managed to get S in 1, A in 2, 3 and 4.. and we ran out of continues in 5.