January 19, 2003

freaky day off

Didn’t go to Doc’s, I think they were closed.. didn’t go to Big Stop either, didn’t want to drive. Instead I went home and made grill cheeses. So today” is my first day off in the overnight schedule. I have all morning off. Lucky I know exactly what is open 24 hours. I wish there were deals if you buy something at 4:30 in the morning.. like an incentive. That would be cool. I can only find lyrics to one song by 1755.. I think it means the rest are not transcribed. I am so going to digitize the lyrics and put them here.

Let me talk about lightbulbs for a minute.. aren’t they cool. I haven’t gone on and talked about nothing in particular in a long time.. just talk and talk and talk. That’s what I’ll do now. So I’m listening to Michigan Militia by Moxy Fruvous.. odd song, don’t like it much.. something I downloaded with Acquisition. Switch songs.. now.. please.. ahhhh.. thank you.. and it’s Word Up sung by Mel B.. I remember this song from the days when I worked at CPC, it would play at the end of Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me.. incidentally, Austin Powers: Goldmember is playing on Express VU. I watched the Golden Globes tonight.. and Edie Falco’s fake boob was sticking out, pretty sad, but she still rocks.. and she also had laryngitis. Hah I had to check the spelling for laryngitis.. but I actually got it right.. wow. I’m hungry.. I need breakfast”.

That’s better, just got out of the shower, but you didn’t know I was in the shower.. but I know you thought something was up when I switched paragraphs.



Longue journée Qui s’achève dans une chambre foncée J’entends au loin les sirenes Qui comme une vague me tirent, m’amènent Chez Morphée Emerveillé Ce doux piège Ou les gammes en délire s’arpègent M’emportent si loin des villes Et je fuis, je fuis les escadrilles du privelège Beau sortilège On solde les vieux pays au marché des gorilles Caché dans les bras de Morphée je rène Nemo en exil Sur mes rêves fragiles

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