April 29, 2004

they should have sent a poet

I really need to go stargazing .. with the help of that new clear sky clock I found, it’s going to even easier. They even have topo maps .. all I have to do is find a spot with no city light influence and with enough elevation to have a 360 degree view .. and I’ll be all set. I don’t think I’ve ever seen the sky on a truely clear night .. Moncton has always been a factor, even in Fundy you lose a magnitude or two.

2 comets will be making an appearance soon .. 2 .. yeah, at the same time, should be cool. I’m not sure of the dates. I downloaded Starry Night Pro a few weeks back .. it has a built in Hertzsprung Russell diagram pretty friken cool man.

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Think I can? I wonder if I can still pull off that 86 .. I’d have to post 50some entries today .. I think it’s possible. I promise not to cheat, like