March 21, 2004

taste the rainbow

I’ve got left over Skittles from Friday night.


Look farmiliar?

For those of you who frequent Al @ Freddy’s site, you’ll know he’s in the process of revamping it. He’s switching to MovableType .. the best blogging software out there.. it’s the best Jerry, the best! (I’ll stop beating that Seinfeld line with a dead horse .. and a stick .. ??? .. or whatever.) Everyone needs to start watching Wonderfalls, I’ve been quoted saying: It’s the best show that’s come out of Fox since That 70s Show, in my opinion!” Alot of the cast is Canadian, and it takes place in Canada, though some people are debating that, the store is clearly on this side of Niagra Falls. This is my latest playlist, I call it wayback”:


Ah yes, the 80s, the time of Rubik’s cubes, the peak of the Hungry Hungry Hippo craze (comprised of Henry, Harry, Homer and Happy Hippo) and when ABBA started sucking (some will argure that they always sucked, but I disagree, you bastards) More 80s here.

Thank you Moose for pointing out all the errors in my playlist, but I refuse to change Eurythmics to Annie Lennox.

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Mon-Fri 08:30-17:00 Finally, we’re switching to the new schedule. I’ll have somewhat regular work hours and weekends off. To start off I’ll have the Mon-Fri 08:30-17:00