January 24, 2003


S in 1, S in 2, A in 3, A in 4 and C in 5.. that gives us 6. Level six is indescribable.. it’s really really cool. We’ll be able to get an A in that pretty soon. (I’m talking about Contra, I’m in an another marathon) Al pointed out I missed another day.. I did, sadly. But my constant flow of entries is a significant improvement over last year. If I can keep it up for 2003, I might actually attract more readers. naaaa.. if I’d want to attract more readers my writing would have to be least on par with Al’s, if not Lynie’s, but it’s not.

I currently look like a real hardcore geek, I haven’t shaved in a week, I’m wearing my ripped got root?” t-shirt, with a white t-shirt underneath, green multi-pocket-convertible pants, my Matrix hat and a timex watch.. w00t w00t. All I need is a can of Dr. Pepper in my hand.

Al gave me his serrated bread knife, one less kitchen utensil I need to buy, thank you! I got a battery for my Photon light, it was dead.. I bought the battery at Radio Shack, I was at the mall at 9:30 not knowing the stores only open at 10:00. It came with a warranty, if it goes dead within 3 years they’ll give me 2 free new ones. It’s a good deal, but I’m sure there something behind that that I don’t know. Damn corporations and their seemingly amazing service.

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