March 3, 2004

straight up now tell me

Check this out, a second post in the same day. That hasn’t happened in a long time. I kept working on the site this morning (8:00), added the colors and borders and stuff. I really like CSS.

Monique just called, it’s a go for tonight, w00t! Going to have supper then .. drinking. When Ned comes down, he likes going to restaurants he doesn’t have in Woodstock, mainly, BJs and Sun Sun. Mmmmm.

I moved my phone charger to my room, since it makes more sense to have it there, when I go to bed, I can let it charge, and if it rings, I’m right there, otherwise, it’ll be in my pocket, fully charged, because the charger is in my room. .. so, yeah .. my phone charger.

I love the part of Live and Let Die by Paul McCartney when it picks up, then goes into some reggae, then back to the intense James Bond action scene score.

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ahhhhhh, much better I’m making a few cosmetic changes to the site. I added a sidebar, as you can see, and a link to syndicate my blog. If you have no idea what I mean
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