March 30, 2002

So I’m done updating 00

So I’m done updating 00 and 02, that would leave 01, which I can do today at work. 2 posts in one day, that’s pretty good. I’m listening to Kokomo, good tune. I’m also thinking of bringing back PVCOTD.. if you don’t know what that is, you may find out, if you want to know, read 00 April. I may have figured out a way to easily update in here by using Unix scripts, that would be cool. Ven conmigo” good tune. Sip, sip.. Coke from MacDo, mmmmmm sticky flat fountain pop.

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Ma Brain is changing, in hopes of posting more often, I’m changing the format so that the whole month is on one page, that way I won’t have to
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This is another update in the same day, what is the world coming to. I’m all done updating everything, there are a few dead images if you check back