May 25, 2004

pick up the pieces and go home

Hello my fellow blog readers. How are you today? I am great right now. I just re-replied to a semi-important email that has to do with New Years Eve and a failed relationship. I’m listening to Fleetwood Mac, I’m looking for a certain acoustic cool tune that Steven played tonight .. I still haven’t found it. Frig, I need to go get a sub before the sun comes up.


Alright, I’m back.. and I bet you’re wondering why I need” to get a sub before sunrise .. it’s not because all the SubWays turn into pumkins or anything like that .. it’s so I can eat the sub and go to sleep while it’s still dark, so that I don’t have to worry about light in my room because I’ll be sleeping .. all I’ll have to worry about are the friken bells .. which shouldn’t ring on a weekday .. but there might be more traffic becasue it’s the day after a holiday.

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all I got to do is act natuarlly Ben hallo. I decided to take the rest of my shifts off as vacation, meaning I’m officially done at xwave .. well .. not officially, only