April 5, 2000

One class left and I’m

One class left and I’m outta here. Leo is commin’ home with me, actually he’s my drive, and we’re gonna watch Star Wars Episode IV (4). I like refering to the original trilogy as episodes.. fits in better with the new one, and soon (4-5 years) new oneS. Some poor soul in here got his webpage changed by his friends because they found out his password. That’ll never happen to me.. I always pick original passwords, right Ned, Al, Monique? whatever. Have you ever stared at it, marvelled at it’s beauty, it’s genius?” I love that movie.


Don’t worry about my counter.. the number isn’t even close to being accurate. 90 percent of those hits are me. I like to read what I write.. it entertains me.

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I don’t want to be here. I’m on break from a class I can’t stop falling asleep in. Wilbur. eh? Ya got yer slow speakin’ guy in front of the class
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Well! Where should I begin, I just arrived from Cosmo.. the most happenin’ place in town on Wednesday. I said I’d party like it’s Wednesday April