March 11, 2004

mmmmm, boooooot

Tomorrow night Nic and I are going out drinking. He says he’ll be starting off with a boot, looks like I’m going to have to do the same. Blueberry, hold the blueberries, thanks.

My laptop is still in the shop, I’ve been living off of Al’s laptop, using pine on sdf for my mail and the official MSN client on Durandal (Al’s powerbook G4) since he uses aMSN, both can run at the same time. I’ve been doing ALL my surfing at work. I’m pissed that I lost all my old emails .. I had some stuff in there I REALLY wanted to save. Ah well, what am I supposed to do. Faget-a-abat-it. (I watched Donnie Brasco yesterday).

I should be getting paid in 5 hours. Supposed to be the 15th, but since it’s a Monday, they have to deposit the money early .. that’s how it is with me .. not the case for some co-workers. I better get paid, I need to get the car checked, it’s been making noises, I think the distributor is messed up.

Got the new Resurgo today, interesting stuff will be upgraded this summer, such as Centennial Park, Victoria Park .. Vaughan Harvey extention the the bridge .. Assomption phase 2 (adding 3-4 more side streets south of Main St. and more park area and flowers and residential areas and stuff) and of course the Riverfront Park boardwalk phase 5.

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eat fresh. I’m going to spend the last hour of work I have typing here. Tonight I’d like to go to Doc’s for jam night, haven’t been there in a couple weeks.
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what a weekend Friday: Woke up to the sound of the buzzer around 18:00. Nic came by to start off our night of heavy drinking. So I got ready and off to Pump House