January 27, 2003

Matrix Reloaded

Great scott!!! Have you seen the Matrix Reloaded trailer! Brought a tear to my eye, I’ve never been more excited to see a movie, Star Wars or Lord of the Rings don’t come close. I am so there the first 3-5 showings. Nothing will keep me away.

10 on call 46 waiting. Geez it’s noisy in here.

My last entry generated some pretty interesting comments, woohoo! I should talk about more controversial subjects. Like.. Macs are better than PCs.. wait, that won’t work, most everybody who reads this owns a Mac… or do they…

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success! S in 1, S in 2, A in 3, A in 4 and C in 5.. that gives us 6. Level six is indescribable.. it’s really really cool. We’ll be able to get an A in that
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mmm party mix Listening to Thriller, chatting with Lyne. “Aaahhhhh ahahahahahahah ahahhaahhhaha hahhahah ahahh (fade out)” I’m struggling to stay awake, I’m going