January 2, 2003

Lots planned

Got lots to do today, I need to bring back the keg, exchange my PDA cradle (is stopped working.. I have a story about that), eat, maybe buy a digital camera, clean the apt. and then relax.

I think Joker is playing JK2.. he asked if I wanted to go eat somewhere.. I’ll probally connect and let him know.. and also ask if he want to tag along while I do my errands.

I need to do more geocaching. I still remember the time when I went to Mapleton Park alone in the middle of winter and found a conoe full of ice.. and staring up at the start in the middle of the old causeway that crosses the lake, beautiful night.

The story about the PDA cradle:

For some reason it stopped working.. the cradle is the thing you plug into the wall and your computer.. then you put the PDA in it and it transfers information to your computer and charges the PDA at the same time (depending what model you have). So I go to Future Shop to get it replaced, the service representative” talks to some guy in Electronics and she comes back and says I need to send in everything.. PDA, cradle, box, software… I was stunned.. I said nevermind. So I tell this to Monique and she tells her friend Lyne who works at Future Shop.. and aparently I (or they) don’t NEED to send everything back.. because they sell the bloddy things separatly. SO I’m going down there today to give them a piece of my mind..

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Happy New Year! w00t w00t! Had a great time last night, good friends, good beer.
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camera specs.. haha.. as per Nic’s request.. It’s a Canon s200, 2.0 mega-pixel, 2x optical and 3x digital zoom.. came with an 8MB CF card, will be getting a much