April 29, 2004

look back 3: whip it good

I’m in math class right now. Again, will be transfering this to digital format in an hour or so. Get Real was pretty good last night. I would have liked to see the other episodes instead of the season finale first. Got Pepsi again, it’s a ritual now. Coincidence? Some guy (Derrick) is singing the theme song to Degrassi Junior High. Second time I hear it in 3 days, after it’s absence of my auditory system for more than 4 years. Weird stuff is going on this week. Just met Mike, the pilot. He’s trying to get scheduled to fly in the twin engine, but no such luck. I offered to pay my way sometime to get a ride with him. I love flying, I don’t do it enough. I think I’m going to buy a helicopter. My mother is supposed to get her big check today, I wonder if she can lend me 3*10^3 $. iMac… Time for a sip of my Pepsi. If I was in a band I would like it to be called The Indefinite Integrals. This pen kicks ass. My father has crappy hand wirtting, I noticed something about mine, it’s crappy too. I brought my walkman to college today, and all my mix tapes -1, Warmnfuzzy Beatles. I’m not sure I’m going to even have a chance to use it. I only want to use it when I’m alone, because I find people listening to walkmans in public to be a bit anti-social on their part. I dunno. Kinda like crossing your arms when talking to someone. Hi Jeff if you’re reading this. This is begining to be a bit long. I never write for this length of time. It’s wierd. I’m on my second page, this is amazing! Well.. amazing for.. me, maybe not for you. I’m stopping now.

A la revoyure!” - Le Grand Mahdn”

Haaa, good times. Jeff was sitting right next to me, and he was litterally looking at my screen, at what I was typing, so I typed that just to let him know I knew he was looking at my screen.. damn bastard. I still have all those mixes, if you’ve been in my car recently, some of them are spread across the dash. I need to digitise them .. meaning .. download from Acquisition and make an iTunes playlist. I no longer think people listening to music in public are anti-social. I do it myself .. they don’t mean to shut people out .. they just want to listen to cool tunes. I’m all for listening to cool tunes. Crossing arms though.. it’s a sign of defensiveness.

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look back 4 IN SPACE! I’m still sick! It’s been 4 days now. COugh COugh. I think I’m going to listen to Brendan Furlotte now. Nevermind.. I pressed play, and Ozzy