October 15, 2002

Last night (because it’s morning

Last night (because it’s morning now) Al R., Leo and I drove up to FP and watched The Transporter.. Lynie, you didn’t miss anything. It sucked. Al wanted to see it because of the action sequences.. and I’ll give him that, there were a few original, good action scenes, but the rest of the movie was just plain old bad. When we got back we played Trivial Pirsuit.. twas fun, Leo won, though we never finished the game, then Joker joined us and we played a real game.. 200. We played three rounds and Leo and I won 2. Making us the 200 champions, w00t w00t.

Leo went home at 2 and both Als and I went over to Joker’s place and played Halo.. well, Joker and I played Halo, Al just fell asleep on the couch. We had a little multiplay action going on with jeeps blowing up and stuff, then we played the final level on Legendary, fun stuff. All in all it was a fun night.

Hey Pretty Baby With The High Heels On You Give Me Fever Like I’ve Never, Ever Known You’re Just A Product Of Loveliness I Like The Groove Of Your Walk, Your Talk, Your Dress I Feel Your Fever From Miles Around I’ll Pick You Up In My Car And We’ll Paint The Town Just Kiss Me Baby And Tell Me Twice That You’re The One For Me

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What a great ride back home from work. I get in the car, start it up.. and Love At First Sight starts playing. Tonight I’m going to watch The