April 23, 2000

I’m up, it’s Sunday, and

I’m up, it’s Sunday, and almost 10. Feels real good. Watched 28 Days with Caro last night, movie wasn’t too bad, but not that great either. Later on I watched Star Trek: First Contact, what an awesome movie! Well, for a non-fan, I can imagine you’re thinking… pfft, ya Star Trek.. well.. for a Star Trek movie.. it’s very very good! I think I just hacked up a cat.. yuk.



This is one of my favorite comic strips, it’s sometimes hilarious. Most of the time it’s, intresting.

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I took an hour, but I finally did something I wanted to do for a a while now. Notice the arrows next to the date, you can browse thru the days now
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Groove is in the Heart is the first song I have learned by myself on a bass. It’s what I’m using to practice my speed and agility. I love it! Remi