April 23, 2000

I took an hour, but

I took an hour, but I finally did something I wanted to do for a a while now. Notice the arrows next to the date, you can browse thru the days now. Yay! And I changed the calendar part a bit too, now it even MORE compact. Oh and I put the same link style as in the calendar part too.. on EVERY PAGE.. whew.. so now link under/overline, like my page. I may add another little feature before the end of the day, nothing much.. but it’ll be cool. For me anyway..

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I spent the afternoon playing on my bass. I think I’m improoooving. Supper should be ready soon, a ham. I am going to eat ham, unprocessed meat
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I’m up, it’s Sunday, and almost 10. Feels real good. Watched 28 Days with Caro last night, movie wasn’t too bad, but not that great either. Later on