April 13, 2000

I’m in math class right

I’m in math class right now. Again, will be transfering this to digital format in an hour or so. Get Real was pretty good last night. I would have liked to see the other episodes instead of the season finale first. Got Pepsi again, it’s a ritual now. Coincidence? Some guy (Derrick) is singing the theme song to Degrassi Junior High. Second time I hear it in 3 days, after it’s absence of my auditory system for more than 4 years. Weird stuff is going on this week. Just met Mike, the pilot. He’s trying to get scheduled to fly in the twin engine, but no such luck. I offered to pay my way sometime to get a ride with him. I love flying, I don’t do it enough. I think I’m going to buy a helicopter. My mother is supposed to get her big check today, I wonder if she can lend me 3*10^3 $. iMac… Time for a sip of my Pepsi. If I was in a band I would like it to be called The Indefinite Integrals. This pen kicks ass. My father has crappy hand wirtting, I noticed something about mine, it’s crappy too. I brought my walkman to college today, and all my mix tapes -1, Warmnfuzzy Beatles. I’m not sure I’m going to even have a chance to use it. I only want to use it when I’m alone, because I find people listening to walkmans in public to be a bit anti-social on their part. I dunno. Kinda like crossing your arms when talking to someone. Hi Jeff if you’re reading this. This is begining to be a bit long. I never write for this length of time. It’s wierd. I’m on my second page, this is amazing! Well.. amazing for.. me, maybe not for you. I’m stopping now.

A la revoyure!” - Le Grand Mahdn”

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