April 2, 2004

I wonder, wonder why the wonder falls



So.. I’ve got alot of images I’d like to post now .. but my thang” is PrimaryVisualCortexStimulation_OfTheDay_” .. so can I post 2 images per day? .. or per entry even? Hell yeah!



First image is of the IDC room at work, Internet Data Center. It’s 4 of many cabinets, lots of interesting stuff in those, specially the last one on the right. Second image is my desk I share with my fellow co-workers. In the background are the shattered remains of what was once a busy service management center.

We’re bobbing along in our barrel Some of us tip right over the edge But there’s one thing really mystifying It’s got me laughing, and it’s got me crying All my life it would be death-defying Until I know I wonder, wonder why the wonder falls I wonder why the wonder falls on me I wonder, wonder why the wonder falls With everything I touch and hear and see

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ohhh .. haunting I found the theme song to Kingdom Hospital, a song by Ivy called Worry About You, not sure if it’s freaky because the intro to the show is burned in