May 9, 2000

I got the charger. I’m

I got the charger. I’m bored. DOn’t read this, you’ll only get bored too. If you are bored, you’ll get even more bored. At one point you’ll say to yourself there’s no way I can get anymore bored than I am now”, then you’ll read this, and in an instant, you’ll realise there’s a whole other realm of bordom beneath the one you were in. Not only is there bordome below, but there’ boredome on the sides too, it’s called side boredome”. I’m bored. Lazy Labs, good site.



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Hayden Christensen, a name we will all be hearing of alot soon. He’s the one who going to play the guy we’ll see change into Darth Vader. I need to
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well, i got my palm to work, i can prove it.. i’m using it now in the comfort of my own bed. i love it. i’ll be updating like this alot more