June 3, 2000

I fixed a web page

I fixed a web page for a club I had no idea exsisted, well, I knew it exsisted, just not that it had a web page.. not only that, but made by my good friend Mathieu Landry. I’m joining, I’m very intrested. I remember goin to UdeM and seeing the announcement on the billboard of the club’s first meeting, but I never showed up, something came up, I don’t remember, then it just slipped away into oblivion. But, now that it’s been brought to my attention, I will surely not forget. In fact. I’d like to be their webmaster :) Oh.. and participate. Here’s the page: Beauséjour Astronomy Club. I am soo there. Ihave to tell you what I did tonight. I went to Au Deuxieme. And drank abit, that’s why I’m so typative. CHris Colepaugh and the Cosmic Crew were playing.. Brendan Furlotte opened. After the show Al and I went to Pita Pit, yummy. AL C. and Joe showed up, that was cool. Al C., BTW, got hired at CP. It’s going to be awesome working with him. MMmm, this is one good pita! Al says he doesn’t like cold pitas, but mine is still a bit warm. I eat cold food all the time.



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