April 19, 2000

I better get my fingers

I better get my fingers of of my nose and start writting something. Now, I wouldn’t something like yesterday happen again. That was a disaster. Well, what a dissapointment. Only after 30 minutes of me being online, someone decides to go to bed. Pfft.. Whatever. You know who you are! Yes you! Geez. I’ll be going to bed early too, as soon as I’m content about this page, actually. It’s getting there. Mmm.. flat Sprite. I bought a nacho combo at my work place tonight. got Sprite, now it’s flat. But still good. Someone found me on ICQ tonight. Betsey from Bathurst, cool chick. She’s commin’ down to Moncton in September to study. Alot of people do that, come here to study. I guess.. it’s a good place to study. I mean, why not come here to study, I can’t think of any reasons not to. Or not 2”, reasons. It.. sounds alike, kind of. Rrrright. Mmm.. flat Sprite.. damn, said that already, but it’s ok, because I say it every time I tak.. Mmm flat Sprite.. I take a drink. Mmm.. flat Sprite.. (bis) If I’d have a scanner.. I’d scan something and put it up here every day, kinda like the PVCSOTD, as Lou calls it. I don’t blame him, typing the full title can accelerate Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, and that’s bad. I just though of putting more links on here.. but in case this page gets real popular (yeah right) and people decide to read all my past entries (yeah right, only I do that) I’m not gonna put more.. because.. links die, it’s part of life. But that one’ll be there for awile.. and it won’t have to point to anything in the future because everyone will know what Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is. (the whole computer taking over our lives thing will increase awareness, my opinion) I should start working on my theory of why humans are on this earth. it’s long, and make perfect sense TO ME.. but I doubt society is ready for it :) Walking back from work I noticed how bulky my fleece and jacket are, it’s the stuff

I put in them. I need a carry all, I’m going for it! Before I go, I must find a song some suggested I listen to today.. lets see.. cmon Napster, don’t fail me now.

We’re in” — Morpheus

10KB/s I can do better.. 62.84KB/s THATs more like it. Can’t find the song.. getting something else.. domo arigato Mr. Roboto. I love that song.

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Today was a good day. I took some “advice” from Lyne, and it’s kinda working. I’m getting my shit together. Or, whatever :) Empire of the Sun