August 15, 2004

Home sweet Acadian Home

I have returned, I’ll continue where I left off in the last post so you can see the progression on how I got back here.

Hung out with Remi in Kananaskis, got crazy drunk, twice. Played golf in the Rockies. Met up with Acadians who just finished touring Nepal and Thailand

Weekend after the Vancouver trip we went on our other trip. Started in Banff, visited all the gift shops in Banff, visited the Banff Springs Hotel, then off to Lake Louise. I stuck my hand in Lake Louise, water is cold there. Visited the Chateau Lake Louise, visited all the gift shops in there. Rode a gondola up a mountain, was able to see Lake Louise thru all the smoke from the BC fires. Off to Jasper, almost hit a baby grizzly bear, saw mountain goats and elk on the way. Stayed at the Jasper Park Lodge, played frisbee, had ice delivered, drank beer. Off to Edmonton, didn’t really go in town, just the Mall. It’s big, really big.

Few days rest.

Headed back east. Drove in prairie mud (which is still on my car). Bought breakfast in Drumheller, slept in Saskatoon, checked out the Fringe Festival. On to Dryden, slept at Ned’s Uncle Louis’ place. On to Sault Sainte Marie, kinda got lost, found the hotel, ate SubWay. On to Waterloo. Crashed at Lou and his roomates’ place for 3 nights. Drank beer in stubbies, had drinks at the Flying Dog, got crazy drunk. Next night, played frisbee and played pool at Dooley’s with Yves, got crazy drunk. Drove Yves back to London, visited Toronto. Much Music, Sam’s, CN Tower. Watched Garden State (go see it). On to Woodstock. Drove thru Toronto on the 401 to Montreal. Got stuck in Montreal rush hour traffic. Got to Woodstock, drank till 6am. Next day, ate some Wally’s, off to Moncton. Brought Ryan and Jamie, had drinks at Doc’s with Shelley and Eric. Next day, off to Prince Edward Island, had drinks at Jamie’s friends’ place, then off to Bubba’s, then 42nd Street Lounge, then China Garden, where I got heckled by a waitress and punched in the arm by a girl. Off to Moncton again. Saw 1755 in Bouctouche with Gary, the show was sold out but we were able to buy tickets from minors who got carded, haha, suckers.

That brings me to this afternoon, where I’m sitting in my housecoat writing this entry.

Boune Fête des Acadiens!

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