January 21, 2003

happy face ball

I have a foam ball with a happy face on it that I’ve had at work for about a year now. For some reason it was out of the drawer today. Someone is playing with my happy face ball.

Les LeBlanc Sont Populaires Ca Fait Longtemps, Just Ergard Gandalf”

Funny line from Joker over heads up. (Heads up is our internal instant messenger software.)

HAHAHA, from Dark Horizons: Die Hard 4: Die Hardest: The Mirror and Hello reports that Britney Spears is up for the role of Bruce Willis’ daughter whom has to be rescued from kidnappers.”

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domo arigato Mr. Roboto w00t w00t, just finished playing Contra.. it was a good 4 hour block, we managed to get S in 1, A in 2, 3 and 4.. and we ran out of continues in 5.
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success! S in 1, S in 2, A in 3, A in 4 and C in 5.. that gives us 6. Level six is indescribable.. it’s really really cool. We’ll be able to get an A in that