April 29, 2004

good host 15g

I dunno, there was a packet of the stuff on the desk. I like iced tea, it’s cool .. haha.. iced - cool .. get it? I don’t actualy like tea. Apparently people who start drinking tea actually get addicted to it .. and if they don’t get their fix they turn into grotesque monsters and devour small children.. I dunno, I heard that somewhere. I like it iced though.

I’m tired of cola .. meaning Pepsi and Coke .. I think it’s the bloating factor .. and the sugar .. meh .. I’m going to start taking iced tea.. hopfully I won’t eat any newborns. Is Rev carbonated? It feels carbonated.. but not overly carbonated, it’s got a reasonably comfortable carbonation going on.

Carbonation station.

Carbonate it up there carbona .. carbar.. car.. whatever.

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EverLED I love Maglites. I hate replacing batteries. Solution, LEDs. I bought 2 EverLEDs, I put one in my Mag, w00t, it’s bright and the batteries will last
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how I’d like a coffee right now I’d like a coffee right now. Any kind of wake-up juice. I’m getting drowsy, but I don’t want to make a full pot. I might go to Subway and get one.