April 11, 2000

Exactly 8:30, not actually, not

Exactly 8:30, not actually, not anymore. I woke up at 2:10 this morning, got water and checked to see if anyone was online. Someone was! Then I went back to bed. Didn’t bother writing in here, I wanted to conserve my sleepiness so I could fall asleep faster. I’m writing this on a piece of paper BTW. Gonna transfer it to digital with my fingers and a keyboard. It better not be cloudy tonight! I wish someone would reconsider doing something this week. Me wishing is me being hopful, but I’m hopless so I guess it won’t happen. What a mess.. there’s confetti on the floor, of course, I put it there. Oops. Magic triggering pulses. That’s what I’m learning right now. How fun. That’s the name of my next mix cassette, Magic Triggering Pulses

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Words describing my state of mind right now. temporary, provisional, transient, fluid, unstable, contingent, depending on, conditional
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I got mail! Early last week I filled an application for info on Volkswagens, I got the info!… ahhh…. GTI GLX, my dream car. I also got info on all