April 11, 2000

I got mail! Early last

I got mail! Early last week I filled an application for info on Volkswagens, I got the info!… ahhh…. GTI GLX, my dream car. I also got info on all the other models. I’m listening to Shakira, Estoi Aqui, I like the beat, don’t understand any of the lyrics though. I still have that Pepsi bottle I was drinking this morning. eeeeuh.. it’s flat.



Shakira not only can sing well, but she writes very very well too. I’m reading translations to some of her songs, beautiful. Really!

The sky is already tired to see the rain fall And each day that passes is another like yesterday I can’t find any way to forget you because To continue loving you is inevitable”

My friends are going to Fredericton to party, must be nice. I’d like to go, but I want to do the right thing, be responsible and show up for class, fall asleep, and come back here to do nothing. I think I may go see a movie tonight.

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